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What do people in the society, governments and the wind industry think about implementing wind energy in the Nordic region?

Nordic Wind Energy Center is planning three different surveys to these three groups to come closer to understanding their current positions and opinions in different questions concerning wind power. Our primary goal is to produce a more efficient debate between the three groups. With better knowledge of what the groups see as a fair deal for developing wind parks and which questions that need to be addressed, the debate is easier to follow out.

The first questionnaire, the society questionnaire, is now sent out to residents in Finland. The center would like to study four different groups in society, each with a different relationship to wind power. The questionnaire is distributed to four different areas:

  1. Area where a wind park is newly built
  2. Area where a wind park already has existed a few years
  3. Area with existing plans for building a wind park
  4. Area that is untouched and no existing plans for wind parks

It is also possible to answer this questionnaire (in Finnish or Swedish) on the internet if you follow this linkin Swedish or in Finnish

The questionnaire consist of assertion responses scaled 1-7 and its´ head topics are

Place attachment – how does the personal attachment to the respondant´s home and area affect their opinions? Can people feel a loss of authority over their area if wind turbines are built there?
Environmental effects – concerns about landscape, wildlife and noise from turbines.
Health concerns – do people worry about turbines affecting their health?
Economic effects – for the region and the whole nation
Objective information – is neutral information easy to find?
Sustainability and renewable energy – is it easier to accept a wind park in the area if it contributes to renewable energy goals?

The questionnaires to governments and wind industry will have other head topics. The society questionnaire also contains questions regarding how you perceive yourself. These questions belongs to a method called Ten-Item Personality Inventory-(TIPI).

The results from the society questionnaire will be analyzed in the autumn of 2017 and presented at the centers homepage.

If you want to participate in the questionnaire and also have a chance to win a 100 euro S-market gift card, follow this link:  in Swedish or in Finnish.

Please answer all questions. The questionnaire will take you about ten minutes.

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