Journal papers:

Muhammad Virk
Effect of wind turbine blade profile symmetry on ice accretion (2016)
Applied Mechanics & material, vol. 863, page 229-234.

Muhammad Virk, Umiar N Mughal, Qin Hu & Xinglinag
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International journal of Multiphysics, vol. 10, issue 3, page 237-245.

Conference papers:

Eklund, P. Johansson, M. Kortelainen J.
The logic of information and processes in system-of-systems applications.
SoSE 2016 conference. Submitted (2016)

Muhammad Virk
Field study of ice detection on structures using passive thermal infrared imaging (2016)
SENSORCOME international conference on sensor technologies and application, page 25-29

Muhammad Virk
Wind turbine blade profile thickness effects on ice accretion (2016)
IEEE international conference on power and renewable energy


Peer-reviewed papers: