Nordic Forum for Wind Energy Research Seminar/Webinar

Nordic Forum for Wind Energy Research Seminar/Webinar

Recent Research Results Important to Nordics

15 March, 2018, 09:30-16:00 CET

Location: Umeå Universitet, MIT Huset, room 15/16e
includes questions and answers session
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Topical schedule:

  • Introducing the Nordic Forum for Wind Energy Research.
  • Wind Turbine Icing – Progress and Challenges.
  • The Logic of Information & Process in Systems-of-Systems.
  • How weather is affecting acoustic propagation in cold climate regions OR Our microphones can hear it now.
  • Statistical learning in wind power production and weather prediction.
  • Atmospheric modeling and weather forecasting for cold climate regions.
  • Wind turbine noise characteristics – Infrasound and amplitude modulation.
  • Nordic Wind Forum Research going Forward.

Presentation descriptions

Target Audience:

  • Municipality staff concerned with wind park development.
  • Government agencies involved with wind energy regolatory issues.
  • Wind industry participants currently owning unaddressed research issues.


68 people showed interest in attending the seminar

43 people showed interest in watching the webinar

I will attend

I will attend

If attending in person, please email Kendall Rutledge to receive logistics details.


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